7 Factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company

7 Factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company

Cleaning a business premise or office can be quite a difficult and time-consuming process. Keeping working spaces clean is important for the productivity and health of your employees and the unexpected visits from your customers. Even though employees can help in cleaning the office are, it is always best to hire commercial cleaning companies. This will help you avoid the hassles and problems associated with this activity and will ensure that you and your employees focus on the work at hand. However, keep in mind that every cleaning company is unique and will not provide the same services. Here are 7 factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company;

The staffs

If you hire quacks, then you should be ready to get a shoddy cleaning job. If you desire quality and effective services then you must hire the best company. It is important for you to confirm the qualifications of the cleaners that the company has. You will never want to be driven by somebody who has never been to a driving school or be treated by someone who has never been to medical school. In the same way, you should get the assurance that the cleaning crews are professionally trained and they have the necessary certifications.

Keep in mind that professional cleaners will handle your valued assets and company equipment. You do not want any damages occurring in your business premises because of lack of knowledge about good cleaning practices. Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, you should confirm whether their staffs are well trained and seasoned in their work. If they are not, then you should keep looking for another cleaning company.

The status of the cleaning company

When hiring cleaners, you need to know how established the cleaning company is. You do not want to end up hiring a briefcase company that you will have challenges tracking in the event that anything goes wrong. You can easily determine whether a cleaning business is well-established and experienced from their communication. Reliable cleaning firms will give you a cost breakdown and will provide quality guarantees to their customers. If the cleaning company does not provide all these, then there are high chances that they will skip town whenever their service delivery falls below what they had initially promised. You should always be wary of such cleaning service providers.

Look for referrals

Identifying a good cleaning company by yourself can be quite a hassle. The best commercial cleaning companies will always have many clients because of their high-quality services. It is best to get references from workmates, neighbors, family, friends, and other businesses that use cleaning services. You should ask them about the quality of service provided by the businesses that they use. The internet is also a great place to get local cleaning companies. You can easily read reviews posted by clients who have used these services in the past and learn from their experiences with these companies. It is likely that you will get unbiased reviews regarding the services offered by the cleaning company that you want to hire.

Licensing and insurance

A reputable cleaning company must hold a valid license and an insurance policy. You must only hire licensed companies because working with unregistered businesses is always associated with a lot of risks. An unlicensed business can shut down any time and there is a high probability that they will do a shoddy job. The company should also be insured because in some cases, the workers can cause damage to your property and belonging and you definitely want to be covered in such situations. Furthermore, you will not be liable for any accidents or injuries that occur in your premises.

Cost of services

Before you hire a cleaning company, ensure that you are comfortable with their costs of services. This is important because the budget of ever business is different and you want to choose a service that you can pay for without any financial strains. A good company will be clear about the criteria that the use to charge and their charges. Some companies will charge their clients hourly, weekly, or monthly and you should choose a payment mode that suits your needs and budget. The good news is that there are countless affordable cleaning companies that you can choose from.


When you hire cleaners, make sure that they have all the necessary cleaning equipment. To determine whether you are dealing with professionals, you should check the age and condition of their equipment. A professional cleaning company will always invest in cutting-edge equipment to ensure that they deliver excellent services to their clients.

Customer service

When looking for an office cleaning company, ensure that they provide unmatched customer service. This is an important attribute especially if you are looking for a long term engagement. Good cleaning professionals will be available to their clients through phone, email, or live chat and will answer all your inquiries and questions in a professional manner. They should also provide answers fast and should respond to your inquiries even after you become their client.

When it comes to cleaning services, not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. This is why you need to hire the best cleaning company in the market today. When choosing a cleaning firm, you should not be driven by the quoted cost only. You do not want to end up with a cleaning firm that will not deliver premium services. To make an informed decision, the factors above should help you make the right choice.