About Us


Lupat Cleaning Services is a fully registered company in Kenya with over professional and highly skilled staff members across the country. The organization was founded in 2005 by the current MD and we have grown our clientele pool having worked with over 50 organizations in Kenya since 2005. We offer superior, quality and personalized professional cleaning services.

Over the years we have achieved satisfactory growth in terms of service delivery, revenue, employment, and legal compliance. Our core values are; credibility, reliability, loyalty, and integrity.

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Highly - Trained Staff

Our staff are highly trained in order to give you the best services

Fast & Effective Services

With our experience, we ensure that we do the work quick and effective so as to avoid destructing your operations

Quality Cleaning Tools

We use the latest and effective technology in order to get better results.



Skilled & dedicated team

All our staff members are highly skilled and experienced in the commercial cleaning sector which makes us more competent to handle any kind of such a project.

Our team is dedicated to the commercial cleaning industry with a vision of providing the best services to you as you have the peace of mind in doing what you do best.

We are well equipped

We are well equipped and have the right tools and machinery to conduct our operations properly. Lupat Cleaning Services Ltd has heavily invested in acquiring the right technology in order to give out the best results to you.

All our staff members are well trained to handle all kinds of tools they use in their respective areas and their safety is our priority.

Our Values

A corporate company we strongly stand for youth empowerment and environmental conservation. We put our values into practice by providing the youth with employment opportunities and training so as to create a career out of it.

Through our services such as gardening and ground maintenance, we work with the spirit of conserving the environment and provide ample working space for businesses through cleanliness.